A Few Of My "Life-Changing" Experiences
A Few Of My "Life-Changing" Experiences sexy stories

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by tbanarchy Here are a few of the experiences I've had i thought were "life-changing".

A Few Of My "Life-Changing" Experiences

by tbanarchy

Here are just a few of the experiences I've had I thought were "life-changing".

When I first fapped.

I thought, "Boy, what did I just do to myself!"

When I first saw a naked chick.

I thought, "So THAT'S what those bumpy things inside a woman's shirt is!"

When I first had sex.

I thought, "Man, I'd really like to do that AGAIN!"

When I first listened to Jimi Hendrix's album "Smash Hits".

I thought, "Man, I'd sure like to play guitar as good as THIS dead blac-uh, I mean-African-American guy!"

When I saw my very first movie "Hot Lead & Cold Feet".

I thought, "So I can sit in a room full of people and, unlike school, I don't have to talk to ANY of them!"

When I saw the very first Star Wars movie.

I thought, "Boy, I'd sure love to choke the fuck out of people who piss me off with my mind like Darth Vader!"

When I wrote my very first porno book (and DON'T ask me how old I was!).

I thought, "Boy, I thought I'd really love to do THAT for a living!"

When I had the very first rumor spread about me.

I thought, "Boy, people really ARE a bunch of SHITBAGS, aren't they?"

Now some people, of course, might say a "life-changing" event would be their first kiss or something "sweet" like that.

But, come on, it's ME!

And, oh yeah, a "life-changing" event of mine was when I first saw Elvira's bodacious ta-tas!

You knew THAT one was coming, DIDN'T you?

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