A Childhood Memory Involving The Rolling Stones
A Childhood Memory Involving The Rolling Stones school stories

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"Hot Stuff" indeed!

A Childhood Memory Involving The Rolling Stones

by tbanarchy

Back in grade school, we were required to go to music class at least once a week.

When I was in fifth grade, the music class teacher said we could bring records to play on the very last day of music class.

This was, of course, back when people still played records/vinyl. (Otherwise known as the Dark Ages!)

Anyway, the record I brought was a 45 (anyone remember THOSE?) of the song "Hot Stuff" by the Rolling Stones my aunt had picked up for me in a yard sale. (On the flip side was their song "Fool To Cry".)

For those who have never heard the song, it was an obvious attempt by the RS to do a dance/disco record that other artists were doing at the time. This was, of course, back during the seventies. (Again, otherwise known as the Dark Ages!)

Hell, even KISS released a dance/disco record with their hit song "I Was Made For Lovin' You" (which I think Gene Simmons once said they "regretted" doing).

So what records did the OTHER kids in my class bring? One kid-I don't recall who-brought in the 45 of the "hit" song at the time called "Pac Man Fever". (This point will be VERY important as the story progresses!)

Anyway, after everyone else who brought records had their records played, including "Pac Man Fever", I brought up my record to be played. .

It started off well enough as my fellow classmate seemed to like it. And then, about halfway into the song, their "opinions" about the song changed dramatically.

Again, for those who have never heard the song, they say the same thing over & over in the song until towards the end when Mick Jagger starts pretty much yelling stuff into the microphone.

Granted, it wasn't the best song the Stones had ever done-it was certainly no "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" or "Paint It Black"-but I liked it for its beat and the guitar work (which wasn't done by Keith Richards or Ron Wood but rather by guitarist Harvey Mandel).

Anyway, everyone in class started yelling and screeching at me how they DIDN'T like the song because they kept saying the same thing over & over and how they thought the song was "dumb".

Keep in mind these were the SAME little bastards who had just gotten off on a song that was an ode to a VIDEO GAME and that, to them, apparently wasn't DUMB.

To be honest, I wasn't really surprised by the "reaction" to the song by my classmates since they'd been pretty much given me shit all year.

What got to me was the "reaction" by the music teacher who joined in with my fellow classmates and screeched at me at how much SHE "hated" the song.

She even abruptly yanked the needle off the record when it got to the part where Mick Jagger was yelling shit towards the end of the song, saying something like, "I can't take this anymore!" I honestly thought she was going to throw the record at me when I walked up-feeling humiliated-to pick it up.

I mean, you'd think a MUSIC TEACHER would use this opportunity to teach the class to have an "appreciation" for ALL music and NOT just music that SHE liked. It could have been what Obama would call a "teachable moment".

Of course, she DIDN'T have anything "negative" to say about "Pac Man Fever" which, as I recall, they played AGAIN after they slammed me for daring to bring my Rolling Stones record which they were STILL screeching at me about bringing.

I finally had enough and started screeching back at the little "Pac Man Fever" loving shits. One kid named Kevin laughed in my face when I told him how the Rolling Stones will be remembered LONG after everyone has forgotten about having "Pac Man Fever".

Who's laughing NOW, you little jackass! I mean, the Rolling Stones are STILL playing to sold-out concerts while no one even remembers-including my fellow classmates AND my so-called music teacher who gave me SO much crap over that RS record-who even released the song "Pac Man fucking Fever".

In fact, if you look up the video to the song "Hot Stuff" by the Rolling Stones on YouTube and read the comments section you will find that I'm not the ONLY one who liked the song. Some even suggested it was one of their MOST underrated songs.

Anyway, to add insult to injury, the music teacher, after seeing how "upset" I was, kept me after class and demanded to know why I was so "upset". After telling her, she pointed out how she DIDN'T like the song, adding how it was "nothing to get upset over."

You know, something tells me if I had started blurting out how much I thought "Pac Man Fever" was a DUMB song while it was being played for the umpteenth time our "music teacher" would have probably sent me to the principal's office for daring to "disrupt" HER class.

Of course, this wouldn't be the LAST time my beloved fellow classmates would give me shit over the type of music I dared listen to (and, yes, that also even included some teachers).

Ah, memories!

Maybe-just maybe!-I can get my revenge on said music teacher one day by driving by her house playing "Hot Stuff" by the Rolling Stones at FULL BLAST while yelling, "Fuck Pac Man Fever!"

Or, better yet, so I won't get the fuzz called on my ass, I'll just find her Facebook page and sent her a link to the video of "Hot Stuff" by the RS with a message that reads something like, "Hey, teach, I remembered how much you LOVED this song!"

Or, even BETTER, if I ever became a millionaire, I could maybe hire the Rolling Stones to play-what else!-"Hot Stuff" at a "surprise" birthday party I'd throw in her, uh-hum, honor (since, you know, that's JUST the type of bastard I am!).

Hey, a guy can dream, CAN'T he! As Mick Jagger himself says in the song (over AND over!), "The music is mighty, mighty fine!"

In any case, now I know what Mick means when he says, "I can't get no satisfaction!"

And, to anyone-past, present OR future-who DOESN'T like my "taste" in music and who would especially give me shit for my "taste" in said music, as Keith Richards himself would put it . . .

BTW, another kid brought a 45 of the then-popular song "I Love Rock 'N' Roll" by Joan Jett, which is actually a pretty decent rock tune. And, unlike whoever sang "Pac Man Fever", MORE people actually know who Joan Jett is!

And, BTW, does anyone know who the hell sang "Pac Man Fever" WITHOUT having to Google it? Just wondering!

And, for the sheer hell of it, here's a sexy gif of Joan Jett!

Hey, it could've been Keith Richards! (No offense, Keith!)

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