Ode to Tinder
Ode to Tinder lonely stories

taylorwadeI open a vein and words drip out
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Tinder musings.

Ode to Tinder

Either it's wrong

Or it's right

And yet I am still kept at night

Feeling so lonely

Feeling so cold

I need somebody to set a fire in my soul

I'm trying to hold on

But somehow I always let go

I just wanna get high

But I stay so low

Toss and turn

Will I ever learn?

Toss and turn

It's a pleasure to burn

I excel at playing it cool

surrounded by "nice"

Red stained mouths

Drinking poison poured over ice

And yet I don't think twice

Because attention is my vice

So I stay out past the stars

Sit too close in crowded bars

All the while knowing

There is not much to see

Can't swipe on reality...

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