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tayawayy I open a vein and words drip out
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Little bits of joy


Sun drenched pages of weathered books

The pavement slick with glittering rain.

A cat’s paw lazily reaching out to hold onto your finger.

That delicious stretch and over the top yawn you use to greet the day.

A funny little word you’ve never heard before making you giggle.

Steaming hot baths crowded with bubbles and sweet smelling salts.

That smile that you can’t stop from creeping onto your face.

Words and thoughts and prose and poems and all of the spaces between.

The caress of a crisp fall breeze ruffling short wisps of hair around your face.

The thrill of discovering a hidden gem on Netflix and consuming it all as fast as you can.

Your voice coaxing me awake when I’m dozing between the pages of textbooks.

A heartbeat drumming a song from your chest that only I can recognize.

Lingering goodbyes when neither one of us is ready to leave.

That one song. The one that fills your feet with movement and your heart with light.

A soothing hand warming your palm.

The bittersweet taste of chocolate coating your eager tongue.

The feeling of sinking deep into your bed at the end of day. Submerging yourself in a sea of comfort.

That other song. The one that you swear the lyrics were taken from the etchings on your heart.

And this...the moment of creation. Painting words onto a page and weaving art into the world.

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