The Story So Far
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tayawayy I open a vein and words drip out
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Words I can type, but cannot say

The Story So Far

I’m ... scared of you

There I said it.

Maybe not out loud

But to this blinking cursor

it can see

It sees the truth that I tried so desperately to ignore

It knows how

I’m not able to pretend anymore

Here it is

In black and white

words that toss and turn

throughout my head each night

Am I a fool?

Am I making a mistake?

How the will I know? hell

If theses choices I make

Are wrong or right?

Fuck this shouldn't be so hard

Someone please just tell me how to read your own heart

God I'm ...scared

Scared that this isn't what you think it is


Scared that it is and we are an


Scared that my fickle thoughts won't rest

Scared of the thing beating inside of your chest

& inside of mine

I'm so scared that this is what love would be

That something so wonderful and terrifying

could be meant for me

And yet

Where's that thing

That zing

The unsaid feeling

That leaves you reeling

Like the earth is shifting

Like your body is drifting

Untethered and unmoored

Far away from what you were


Does that only exist

Within pages and books

Music and movies

Pride and Prejudice

And lingering looks

Am I fool to want




Am I silly

To desire

Any of that?

So yes

I am writing down

All that I feel

Hoping that once I do

This fear that fills me

will seem less real

That I'll know what to say

How to be

That I can feel comfort

In the idea of you with me

And if this doesn't work

Doesn't untangled the knots

But pulls on l o o s e string

if I can't decide how to

Move on

If this fear grows

Impossibly strong

Then I don't know

I don't know what I'll do

Maybe I should stop

talking to a blank page

and ask


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