The One in the Skirt
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Boys will be boys

The One in the Skirt

Skirt chaser...?

Could that really be a thing?

A phrase used to describe a fling.

Well not really a fling so to say

But an action when a guy feels some kind of way.

About a skirt? Or is it the girl within the piece?

Maybe it's the idea of release.

Letting go of the notion that there's a person in that skirt.

Setting aside all of the things that cause feelings to hurt.

It's just a chase. Just a game.

It's supposed to fun.

There's no need to run.

So what's the reverse of this phrase?

When it's the other way round?

Pants chaser? Doesn't have the same ring.

Also wearing pants is a pretty popular thing.

So what about ball chaser?

No...too perverted.

Looks like this idea cannot be converted.

I guess there is nothing for someone like me to chase.

I know where I stand in this race.

Chasing a skirt

Playing a game.

Just a little fun...

It's in the name.


When will I get to have the same?

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