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tatianaim forced to deal with what i feel
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by hallucinations

My eyes shut as I close off the world to fall asleep. Every breath I take, Feels like the last. I’m heaving through these corrupted lungs. Just for an ounce of sleep.

The fire in my eyes have blown out. The passion no longer there. But my eyes stay shut. They don’t seem to open, and I’m terrified.

My hands don’t clap to the rhythm anymore. My feet don’t run to open arms. My heart no longer sings. My brain no longer thinks.

Drowning to my despair, My lungs heave for any air. Counting to three, I blackout. Body lifeless against the shore. My eyes are still shut.

Because when my eyes are closed. I feel alone.

Feeling alone is better, than actually being alone.

Now I ask you, Are you alone when your eyes are closed?

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