The Fairy Garden
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tatcatSilently felt
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The Fairy Garden

a nostalgic reverie

Take me back to those fragrant young days

Of frolicking around beneath the trees and between the flowers

Of giggling and picking fresh strawberries

Of lying under the stars and wakeful dreaming

Take me back to those simpler days

Where I was untouched by the mortal toil and strife

Things were so much easier, back then

When my heart lived on my sleeve and my magical friends lived in my head

I was alone, by all means, but I was illiterate

Could not yet grasp the concept of loneliness, only the notion of separation from the busy difficult world. Soliloquy, if you will.

I was still small, and untainted.

I had no fear, only limitless joy and curiosity.

I think back to those days often,

I keep them in a glowing jar on a shelf in my mind.

The jar is labeled "better times"

Since then a lot has happened, I have changed.

But the voices of the fairies and the music of nature

Dance in my heart, and will always remain.

No matter what life throws my way

I hold onto my hope, my youthful joy. Despite trust being broken I'll trust all the same.

Thanks to those long hours in the sun

I might not always stay a child, but I'll always have the heart of one.

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