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tatcatSilently felt
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Thank you

For C.B

You took me by surprise

Knocked on my window late one night

We were both in a bad space at the time

You were lonely and I had a lot on my mind

I was hesitant to accept your call

Stranded in disbelief at the miracle of it all

How did you find me here?

Afterall, it was so unlikely that we might meet.

How did you notice me ?

Surely there is nothing special about my eyes, they are just eyes.

Nor is my personality that flashy

So you really must have been looking for me, when you stumbled upon me.

We are more than I can comprehend

The love you generously lather me in. It's not quite sunk in yet.

I am in awe of you, and I think I will be for a long time

Because you radiate a certain warmth, a certain energy. You dive in where others wouldn't dare to go.

You care, when others are too scared to care.

You continue to fight, even after others would have given up completely.

Your determination astounds me.

You truly are a brilliant person , no matter what you might think.

I am so, so glad you found me.

Glad you took the risk of talking to me.

Thank you, for reaching out to me.

For touching my heart with your warm hands, spreading your joy.

Every day you help me to heal.

Soothing over and warming up this cold and weary heart.

I cannot thank you enough with words.

So I must resort to art.

For there is nobody else who can do what you do.

You are a light in this hard world of cold and dark.

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