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tatcatSilently felt
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(feel too much )

It's scary and lonely here.

The light is too bright, it blinds me. The truth is so bare. It finds me:

Bare and small. Scared and alone.

Overexposed. No lies for me to hide behind. So twisted I've grown.

At this point the truth is not mine to share;

It's yours to take in. Or throw away, toss me like a dandelion seed in the wind.

Wish, oh wish upon me.

Wish for someone better, to take over.

Wish for the person you deserve

The one you mourn

Her smiles were endless

Of lies she was born

Late one night

From her rest gently torn

Overexposed, thrown under the light

Scrutinised and picked apart. The things we do... when we feel forlorn.

I hope that we'll metamorphosise

Collect all our broken shards and huddle them into a peaceful cocoon

Spin something whole

Something better

The truth is ugly, but it's clean

Time to carry on now, keep on questioning.

Don't settle for

who you told yourself you had to be

Capture the image full brilliance.

Over and over, ever overexposed.

Free yourself of the lies

Before you lose the truth for good

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