In Her Eyes
In Her Eyes break-up stories
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tatcatSilently felt
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In Her Eyes

They say the eyes are the window to the soul

She must've had a beautiful soul

Because when I looked into her eyes, complicated galaxies stretched far within

Complicated, like the past

Like her broken smile once whole. Like her vacant stare once joyful

She was not only beautiful.

She was beautiful like sad art.

The kind that blows your mind

And rips up your heart.

There was light in her eyes

But there was also pain

So much pain that some days...

She wouldn't even look at me. Not able to expose herself.

Her eyes look at me no longer

No, she left like a thief in the night

Her eyes are still in my mind, however

And they haunt me at night.

I found a new pair of eyes for the day

And these eyes I know to be much better

For where I once saw sadness , pain

I now see light, hope, love

Moving on is never easy

But every passing day , the old eyes fade away

Till I am left only with lessons and memories

Thank you, stranger I once knew. Your broken eyes helped me make myself whole.

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