Eviction Notice

tatcatSilently felt
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It's time for you to go.

Eviction Notice

for A.K

I'm kicking you out.

You've lived here too long.

You've trashed the place.

This building was once shiny and new, bright just for you.

But now you have ruined it.

Graffiti tags the walls, broken bottles litter the halls.

There is no furniture left.

Only a rickety table and a stained mattress.

The windows that once let in light,

Are broken, shattered.

A layer of dust lies where we once did.

Silence fills the space, rather than laughter.

You haven't paid rent in over 4 months.

And yet you continue to desecrate the building. Carving your name into the walls, rattling at the doors, and howling in the night.

My patience for you has run dry.

You simply cannot stay here.

You've ripped out the carpets and torn down the curtains,

Burnt the ceiling and left the place to fall into disrepair.

You've been a lousy tenant.

It's time for you to go.

Find somewhere else to haunt.

Leave this old, broken building in vacant repose. To breathe. To heal.

Don't ever come back.

You've outstayed your welcome.

Farewell, lover. I'm evicting you from my heart.

I prefer the bird nests and these empty echoing halls , to your hopeless promises and midnight calls.

I'm letting you go, and hoping I won't fall apart.

In many years, when nature has reclaimed this ruin, peace will find me. For now, I live in hope.

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tatcatSilently felt
a year ago
Thank you

tatcatSilently felt
10 months ago
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tatcatSilently felt
10 months ago
Vaguely reflective.

pennySilver CommaI live for life
a year agoReply
@tatcat ooo i seeee <3

tatcatSilently felt
a year agoReply
@penny Yes. Hence: Farewell, lover. I am evicting you from my heart. My heart is the building, and the tenant needs to go someplace else.

pennySilver CommaI live for life
a year agoReply
aww is this a metaphor for somebody or something?