Uncle Mengele
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Uncle Mengele, a mad scientist gets hurt by his own ambition.

Uncle Mengele

"With you, Germany shall win the war. You shall be, my greatest creation." The evil Dr. who was affectionately called "Uncle Mengele" by loads of twin children said. "Now get in.

" The young boy, not knowing if the machine was dangerous or not, turned his back and allowed himself to be strapped into the upright table.

"You shall receive gifts that men can only dream of.". "You shall be, a God, amongst men.". "Fear not my dear boy, it will be over soon." The Dr.

patted him on his shoulder and returned to behind the controls. The boy quiet and naive in all his ways had not a worry in the world, not a wisp of fear could be found across his face.

Mengele proceeded to begin his experiment,

flicking switches one by one until the machine came to full power and with it the whirring noise that frightened the boy who now realized he was in danger.

"No! Let me out! Please!" screamed the boy.

Mengele ignored the boys futile attempts to set himself free; his lust for success pushed his conscience aside and he said in a shallow eminent voice, "Hail Hitler.

" The machine crackled and gargled and spat out a great and blinding light into the boys' temple. He yelped in pain, cringing and struggling, trying his best to get free.

Again, he pleaded with "Uncle Mengele": "No! Please! It hurts!" Mengele said nothing but watched earnestly as the boy's head grew in size.

His voice deepening and becoming murky, as if more than one person was speaking at the same time, "I......said....... STOP!".

The boy destroyed the machine using only his sheer focus, crumpling it and causing it to explode. The Dr.

unstartled, screamed, "No! What are you doing?" as he shielded his face inside the sleeve of his elbow. The boy could not be reasoned with, he was filled with rage, with hate.

He destroyed everything in sight: tools, beakers, even vials filled with stillborn twin fetuses. He unshackled himself with his new found power and floated toward the exit. The Dr.

tried to appeal to his emotion "I have given you this gift, you owe this power to me." Then he pleaded "Please, show me, share with me, the truth.

" The boy stopped, and hesitated, still floating off the ground. He turned around and headed towards the Dr.

, and said while gently stroking the cheeks of his face with the back of his fingers, "If you insist." The Dr.

instantly grew aware of his reality, frightened, as if he was in a state of psychosis, he curled up into a ball and looked around haphazardly at the ceiling " I can hear them, I can, feel,

their pain." "They long for, they long for.........existence" "No, please, take It back, I don't want to know.". "I don't want to understand!".

The boy looked over his left shoulder and said sarcastically but without the tone "Why Dr., It is but, a gift."

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