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Have taught me a lot about life

Its tribulations

And how sometimes souls can falter

Fall into dark days

How the night time plays

On peoples emotions

And makes soft eyes

Turn to hard stares

For not understanding

What souls can sometimes bare

Downtown lights

In the night

Everything is bright

Well almost

Walk fast

Well walking past

Messy sidewalks

Alleys of depression

Where someones home lays

Because they have no place they can stay

Call their own

On my way home

A man says " God Bless You"

Then proceeds to ask for some change for food

Now normally I don't entertain these people

Because of the lies they tell you

Try to deceive and use you

Because most of what they want

Will only harm you

I don't pay him any mind

Not even a reply

And all he says under his breath is

"Have a great damn night"

That made me stop in my tracks

Thoughts in my head

What do I even owe this man?

Who's house is the street

What type of advice could you even off me ?

When you have no where to rest your thoughts

After a long day

Stupid anger sometimes leads us astray..

I turned and threw two dollars at him

And as I stopped to turn away

His face changed

He didn't seem so homeless

Just for a second

His face went sullen

And he spoke

" You know how hard it is to eat?.

And how hard it is just to not end it all

When it feels as if the world has forgotten about you

Or they treat you like what they throw out


I did not ask for this

I came here for money


Only to get thrown away

And then lose everything

And now the only thing i own is what is on me

And in this coffee cup that people throw change in


He continued with a story of his life

And I could see

He was just like me

Just had things worse

Dont ever assume you have it that bad

When you have so much more than someone thats not you

Never take for granted what life gives to you

Because some don't even get that

To hear his story

Turned me soft to his being

Understanding that everything is never what it really seems

So we sat

And talked for a while

He told me things that made him smile

He said he enjoyed the company

Just someone to talk to

To listen

Is all he ever wanted

Because friends and family

Became disappearing acts

In the serious play of his life

Never take for granted what is granted

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