Revolution of us
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tarekkasperAnother lost kid looking for his soul
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we are sitting in silence we see a lot of people get killed in wars we create and im of course i mentioned three or four countries where people are not living as normal people and i know there is a lot of other countries i didnt mention where people cant live too
God help us .... pray for humanity :')

Revolution of us

by tarekkasper

No soul heart Never been strong enough everything seemed so tough

Didn't want to do anything but to sleep seems that what made me bleed bleed to death no one helped me no one seems to care

Another boy bleeding to death nothing new.. People are dying everywhere nothing new... massacres...Orphans...lost kids.. so what... nothing is the only thing I can do..

Palestine...Gaza..Iraq..Libya...Tunisia..Syria...Turkey Where next?? Pray for humanity Pray for kindness

We are not humans no more not even animals We are more like robotic soldiers No soul no heart We don't do nothing but obey for what? money..pride..prejudice

Will we forget about our kindness for richness? are we going to be the strongest instead of the wisest? Are we going to kill the weakest to have a dinner with the strongest?

Never.. we were always the strongest.. we were always the wisest... Nations freaked out when they hear our name

no wise king nor strong one stood in our way We made history.. everyone is ditching in our history while they don't even have a history looking for mistakes and ignoring all our victories

Trust me this is not the ill mind of Hopsin it's the ill mind of me i'm a freaking ghost I fear no body but God

so while i know God is with us I will fight I will kill I will break Until I find my destiny Where we come back The revolution of us that's when we leads -off

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