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tarekkasperAnother lost kid looking for his soul
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we all have nightmares from time to time.....we all have that one or two things we are afraid of..i just wanted to say in this poem that we make our fears we create our own monsters we make our nightmares it's nothing we can control...but we don't know the meaning of giving up, we have to fight until we get over all our fear, which will mean perfection to us


by tarekkasper

Black or or coal

Hell or heaven... fly or fall

A demon or an angel

You will stay in danger from the heartless devil

When you face his anger

you will try to break out the shadows level but you will never escape

And if you looked behind you will see his apes

running for your soul you are the only target

You have to imagine yourself flying and keep on trying

To avoid dying

And if you flew away

you will be in nowhere in the darkest black hole like your worst nightmare just you yourself nobody is there the true meaning of loneliness But you have to be aware from the creepy darkness

You can see the black knight in the twilight but you can't even see his shadow in the midnight

So you have to be ready you only have tonight to end this nightmare and to win this fight -off

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