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tarantulaj1 g'bye life im out
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Random quotes

Friend 1: we are all dead inside Friend 2: lol all Seventh graders in a nutshell

Egg: rolls onto floor without me noticing My mom this afternoon: look what I found on the floor a hard boiled egg and the shell cracked see Me: I'm sorry are u ok Me: Are u ok my friend

My friend referring to math class: Everyone's an idiot, except for [insert my irl name] and I (Some kids tried to break a ruler in advisory-) (The teacher has to yell at us every day lmao)

Friend one, ‘playing kickball’ in gym class: yeah, we just standing here and do nothing the whole PE class lol

Hey is Snow White smoking a cigarette? (The lanyard had a cartoon of Snow White eating a lollipop but there was only the stick part visible)

Friend 2: so basically they’re [the PE teachers] are teaching us how to gamble

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