Percy Jackson opinions: Drew and Octavian
Percy Jackson opinions: Drew and Octavian percy jackson stories

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Part 2 of my Percy Jackson opinions. This is about Drew and Octavian

Percy Jackson opinions: Drew and Octavian

I really like the potential of these two characters, and they could've been really cool protagonists or antagonists.

]DREW TANAKA[ 1. We don't know her backstory. We don't know what happened to her in the Titan war, and no one randomly decides to turn their cabin into a dictatorship and be mean to your half-siblings.

And why would she bitch on her DEAD HALF-SISTER? It makes no sense, as they probably would've been very close. Drew might've been lost, confused and stressed, but she wouldn't randomly hate Silena. We don't know what she went through before HoO, as she's just there to make us root for Piper.

EVEN THE WIKI SAYS IT. Drew was Silena's second in command, and WE NEVER SAW HER AT ALL.

2. It was racist. Riordan completely botched his "Asian representation." We never knew which ethnicity she was besides Asian. (Tanaka's Japanese, apparently, according to Wikipedia) So for her and Ethan Nakamura, "ok. You guys are going to get basic, plain Asian features so everyone can see who's obviously better.

Excuse me?? Does that mean everyone from Asia are mean, bitchy and don't fight for "what's right?" 3. She's only there for us to like Piper more. Expanding on my statement in reason one, she's a feminine person who cares about how she looks. Piper's apparently a "tomboy" in the story, and she's the "better one."

Riordan is basically saying, again, "if you're feminine you're a mean bully." 4. WHAT WAS THE POINT??? The whole scene was completely irrevelant to the story, it was just to make us like Piper. The only change from canon would be that Piper wouldn't be head counselor, which doesn't matter.

5. The wasted potential. Drew could've (actually) taught that beauty is on the inside, people's beauty standards today are ridiculous, LGBTQ+ representation, all sorts of love, not just romantic, etc. But she's ignored for Perfect Piper, who has no personality and it Jason Jason Jason Jason ohmigods he's gonna leave me for her!!11!!1"

She could've also made a decent villain, if Gaea manipulated her into working for her. Then we could've seen her actually be a useful threat.

]OCTAVIAN[ Ok, I'll admit: he's evil. Well, not exactly evil, more of morally grey. You can't call him a traitor, because he never actually betrayed the legion. I think Octavian shouldn't be hated on as much as he is.

1. The reason the fandom hate him. I'm not talking to the entire fandom, of course, but most the people I've met. They hate him for gutting Percy's panda pillow pet, which is just WRONG. It's a literal stuffed animal, and yeah, I get attached to mine, but why does everyone forget that he BLACKMAILED Hazel, and KILLED Gwen?

I'm pretty sure that's more important than mutilating a stuffed animal. 2. He didn't betray the legion. Imagine this: a dude you don't know shows up with no memory, saves YOUR camp, and becomes leader with a day or less of actually being there.

Then he claims that the people who you hold a grudge against since millennia ago still exist, and that he's one of then and they're coming over. Wouldn't you be paranoid too? Especially since one of them knocked you out and fired a MISSLIE onto your city. He's actually very loyal, as he was just fighting for Rome and trying to save it.

Remember, Greeks and Romans don't have a good history with each other. 3. THE WASTED POTENTIAL. He had the whole legion behind him, fully trained and can dominate countries easily.

Yet he's thwarted by some kids on a faulty boat, three of them untrained? (I'll count Frank and Hazel as half-trained, the three. Maybe 2 1/2) He could've really screwed things up. Instead... nothing? The villain doesn't do anything at all? WHY ARE THE VILLIANS USELESS IF YOU'RE GONNA BE EVIL BE GOOD AT IT PLSSSS

So that concludes Drew and Octavian! Have a good day/night!

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