The Tunnel Of Memories
The Tunnel Of Memories past stories

tanyahasija I've created some stuff... (◡‿◡✿)
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A poem about moving on... i guess. When I left my old school and all my friends this poem happened. It's a short one but whatever.

The Tunnel Of Memories

by tanyahasija

Lost in the tunnel of memories,

It's cold and a little awry.

Endless night is all I see,

Lanterns of reminiscence floating by.

Passing by me one by one,

Touching them I feel warm inside.

Trying to keep up, after them I run,

But they fade away, leaving me behind.

The cold present then hit me hard,

Frozen to the core, I can't stand.

Piercing my soul, I'm ripped apart,

Time flowing by like sand.

Holding on to the past, I need to let go, It's no good for me, That I know.

On my own I need to find the door,

No one to help me, not like before.

Stand up! Feel no more sorrow,

And start walking towards the light of tomorrow.

Sweet memories in my heart will dwell,

But it's time that I say to you... Farewell.

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