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A sad emo poem about the uncertainty of the future and the crippling fear that comes along with it. :D But hey at least I've got a nice colorful theme going on in the background lmao. Hope you like it. Reviews are always appreciated. (^_^)


by tanyahasija

When did I lose my sense of purpose?

How did I forget where I belong?

Starting to feel like I deserve this,

No sense of direction I walk alone.

At the end of the tunnel there is no light,

I don't even know where it leads to anymore,

And tomorrow doesn't seem so bright,

Have no fight left in me for sure.

A blurry screen lies between me and the future,

Which made me anxious from the start,

Parts of me held by weak sutures,

I'm afraid that I might just fall apart.

Where should I go? What is my calling?

I've forgotten all about it and now I'm just rolling.

Aimlessly wandering,

On the path that is lost itself,

I'm walking and pondering,

What put me on the shelf?

I need a sign, I need a clue,

I'm sick of trying, I'm feeling blue.

On the brink of losing faith,

Still I drink up my fears & keep my head straight.

But this pretense can't go on for a long time,

So just hear me out O'Great Divine!

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