Adios Love
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tanmayrajivkhur Community member
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Everbody breaks but we all gotta move on!

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Adios Love

by tk

I sleep with despair in my heart ,

Thinking why didn't I play my part,

This wasn't the way it was supposed to be,

Yes, love is blind that's why I couldn't see ,

They say life gives a second chance ,

Trust me it just makes you dance ,

You shattered my heart like glass,

Now I'm like a frowning flower inside a antique vase,

It was yesterday I had began to bloom,

Time passed and now I smell like a discarded perfume,

Yes, I am a bad liar,

But I didn't expect you to set my feelings on fire ,

I considered you as a gift from all above ,

Now it's time I said "Adios Love " .


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