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What goes on in Harry Potter's mind pre-
Horcrux Hunting. A Drarry fanfic

By: Tanimagine


by Tanimagine

(These characters doesn't belong to me. They belong to J.K. Rowling.)

Harry is torn with dispair.

He wants Draco to accompany him for the Horcrux Hunting but he knows that his friends (who doesn't like Draco much) would be too upset and also that the Malfoy family will kill Draco if

they knew that their son is with Harry.

Harry has to say goodbye to him, maybe for ever and he knows that it would ne the hardest thing for him to do. Harry is heartbroken.

He and Draco are in the opposite sides of this impending and inevitable war. Draco has to fight Harry but that's not what scares Harry the most.

What if there comes a point where Harry has to kill Draco? Thats what scares him the most. Harry would rather kill himself than hurt Draco but that's what Voldemort wants- Harry's death.

If Harry dies then his parents, Sirius, Dumbledore, Cedric would have died for nothing.

Harry wants to avenge their death more than anything else but a piece of his heart is on the other side- the enemy side.

But Draco is not an enemy. He can never be. Harry knows that Draco is stuck in the middle of this war and has no choice but to fight for Voldemort. Like a pawn in Chess. Like a mindless soldier.

Harry once asked Draco to join his side; to fight for what's right, what's just. 'I don't want my parents dead for me, Potter.' Draco replied with a pained look. Harry knows that Draco is right.

Voldemort will wipe out, in an instant, anyone who doesn't work according to him.

I will never fight Draco, Harry thinks, sniffing and wiping his tears away. I cant fight him. How can you fight whom you love, Harry thinks.

Harry terribly wishes Draco to be with him and fight. hand-in-hand, they will fight Voldemort.

He feels that there is void in his heart that can be never filled. Without Draco, Harry is incomplete. Without Draco, Harry is weak, vulnerable.

But Harry knows that he has to go on. He cannot stop. He just cannot afford to go weak like this. For the sake of his parents, and Dumbledore and Sirius he has to destory Voldemort.

Voldemort's weakness is the Horcruxes and Harry has to get to all of them.

Harry realises that his fate had been already decided and that he cannot stop. Not now. He has to let go of Draco. He has to let of anything that tugs him back.

If Draco and I, Harry thinks bitterly, are meant to be on the different paths, then be it.

Perhaps, both of us were never meant to be, Harry thinks and he feels his heart break into thousand little pieces.

Harry knows that Draco is a powerful wizard enough to protect himself.

But for Harry, telling goodbye to him, would be the hardest.

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