It takes a little luck
You need a little bit of luck stories
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tangolet's TANGO!!!
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What do you think? Any counterexamples to this? Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, all seemed to have luck in the form of people

It takes a little luck

I've been on a binge listening to startup talks

It's always really interesting to see how companies get off the ground

Each story is pretty different. With some similarities

Typically, founders are smart. Product is something people are using or buying.

But one thing shows up with a different mask: LUCK

In every story, luck showed up a different way. For some, it was meeting an important person. Others, it was funding. Some it was virality

The best founders seem to get lucky more

It almost seems like there are ways to encourage luck to fall in your fortune. In those stories, luck tended to come from people

Those more connected and more friendly had more luck

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