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A poem about the trials of the past.

Use To Be

By Tamz

There's this thing called what it use to be

And then there's this thing called what it is.

The use to be is what we use to compare and describe the what it is.

That leaf use to be green

Now, It's brown.

That sky use to be blue

Now, it's grey.

That person use to be in my life

Now, they're gone.

They say having a use to be is better than having no what it is.

They say that if a use to be, continues to be gone don't prolong the song just end it with a what it is and move on.

They say a use to be is all a what it is...

But what if they're wrong?

What if a use to be is a sign, telling you to follow the what it is...

So you can create a better what it is, a greater what it is

Than what it use to be.

What if you should always hope a use to be will be a what it is again, because deep inside-

You never wanted it to end.

So, be my use to be

And I'll always carry a what it is

And then together, let them collide and fizz

Because that's the end.

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