The Old Man
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TamzCommunity member
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The story of an old man.

The Old Man

by Tamz

Looking across the road, I could only percieve

An old man with the saddest eyes, I've ever seen

He said, you don't want to know what happen to me

Been through years of wars that were never meant to be

In this world where people are strange

Thoughts populating the brain Their deranged

And sometimes theres no one blame

They have no say for tomorrow or today

Because it's the only way

For us.

We don't walk in their shoes

We don't know if they choose

This way of life to lose

So their left alone, with only hate to be

The sad old man just watched me

Charcoal eyes, they had a little shine They cried for the world...

Those eyes A reflection of mine.

Across the road I could only perceive

A world of sadness in me.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
3 months agoReply
This was well written. Although you stereotyped the hell out of us. We old codgers are very different from each other. Not all of us are sad. I have above average grandchildren. Great poem!!!