Boys: Is it Craig or Greg?
Boys: Is it Craig or Greg? humor stories

tamaracriesOld, ex emo kid struggling to adult.
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Oh Craig..or is it Greg?

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Boys: Is it Craig or Greg?

In the midst of a bunch of high school assholes, I met this guy named Craig…or Greg.

It was the first day of sophomore year and I was sitting with a bunch of people I just met four minutes before lunch started. I sat down with my new friends and they all left to buy lunch.

I always brought my lunch because I had severe social anxiety and asking the lunch lady for food every day was too much stress for me.

Two senior boys sat across from me and were talking about their crazy weekend. One of which was Craig… or Greg and the other one was his friend.

Friend: You’re such an idiot.

Craig or Greg: I didn’t know! She didn’t tell me she was fourteen until we were done fucking!

At that moment Craig or Greg reached across the table and grabbed both of my wrists, “You’re not gonna tell anyone about this, are you?”

“Let go of the underage girl,” said his friend.

In a very cool, tone I replied with, “I don’t care what you do” and then took a bite of the bologna sandwich my mom made for me.

That’s how I met Craig or Greg.

He continued to sit at our lunch table and continued to act like a doofus. He was very much a bad boy who was an alcoholic, did drugs, and went to raves every weekend.

By “bad boy” I mean a rich, white kid whose parents didn’t show him enough attention.

He would tell me about his crazy weekends and I would always call him out on his shit, or simply reply with “cool.

” We would sit in the back of the library and lunch became a weird confessionals scenario. I was the priest and he was the sinner. I never went to church, is that how it works?

We began to engage in some flirtation. Craig or Greg would take something from me, I’d say, “Give it back or I’ll lick your face,” He would never give it back and then I would lick his face.

He would say goodbye to me at my locker as we would both left before 9th period because why would you stay in school for the whole day?

Although I knew he was bad news bears, I really liked him and I think for once in my fifteen years of life, a boy liked me back.

He tolerated my annoying Doctor Who phase and would listen to me talk about Tom Baker. He was protective of me and would yell at boys who were being mean. We weirdly worked well together.

I dealt with his shit and he dealt with mine.

One day during lunch he asked me to join him on the lunch line. I agreed and we were talking about the ever so cringe band, Black Veil Brides.

I don’t want to this to be a quirky high school movie moment, but it was.

Craig or Greg: Y’know you’re really pretty.

Me: Fuck off Craig or Greg. That’s not funny!

Craig or Greg: No, I’m being serious! You’re really cute. I like when you wear your hair in a high pony-tail it reminds me of Pebbles.

Me: Oh, well I think you’re pretty too.

That was the end of the conversation and one of the last times I saw him. I don’t think he finished his senior year. I remember he disappeared towards the end of the year.

I knew we could never be a couple because he had his issues and I had mine. However, it was my first experience of finding someone I liked who also liked me back.

In a weird way, he gave sad Tamara some hope. Some guys could be really sweet, vulnerable, and tell you how they feel about you or anything.

Although I know this now and it’s something everyone should expect from their significant others, but at fifteen I had such a horrible image of men.

Craig or Greg had his problems, but deep, deep (deep) down somewhere I knew he was a nice guy and I’m glad I never dated his druggie alcoholic ass.

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