i love you, you love me
i love you, you love me phan stories
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talltree Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
a short story about dan and phil
tbh they are cute

i love you, you love me

i see you making a video for our dear followers and phans

everytime i watch you i fall in love with you

more and more

the way you smile

the way you laugh

the way you pout

the way your hair stands normally

the way you love anime

the way you curse

the way you smile

oh did i mention that before?

oh well

and of course

the way you hold me

and the way you love me

and the way you make me feel giddy


there is always a but

why do you keep mentioning about the fact that my house plants die?

oh well

i love you and you love me

that is all what matters

isn't it?

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