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Wayde was never a good man. But who would have thought he was needed to discover the secrets of vixenburg? Life, death, Heaven and Hell- its all the same when you don't give a shit.

Waydes Weird World

Chapter 1 - A man.

Another rainy day, another misery.

Wayde Watson- an English professor to the town school- was walking down the gloomy, wet roads of Vixenburg, mumbling angrily under his breath about how unusually poor the weather had been.

These days- there was only rain. At least, that's how it felt. Vixenburg was never this quiet. On a normal day- this place was thriving.

Fairies and humans gathered into the square to pick up goods- merchants would be wooing the masses with beautiful, hand crafted jewlery- made by a tribe somewhere outside of Vixenburg.

Not that anyone left the town often.

But today was still like no other. Today was different. Something evil was looming.

Upon approaching the end of the street, Wayde was stopped in his tracks. There was a tug on his arm- a tug desperate of his attention.

It was none other than his own fairy servant, Ali, who had been riding along in Waydes pocket. How Ali could stand to fly in the rain was beyond him.

"You know, Wayde," the young boy started, sounding almost too nervous to talk "You were...You were invited to Madame Leons party tonight."

"And I kindly refused." Wayde retorted, nonchalant as ever.

"But why? Do you not wish to relieve tensions between the both of you?" Ali ask, quietly.

This made Wayde thing for a moment. It was true for the Madame as anyone else living here- Wayde was hated. No. Loathed.

Everyone knew that the old man lived right by the entrance, in that dark house with the boarded up windows and chipping paint.

Everyone knew that he slept with a young student of his, then threw her outside into the cold to be humiliated by anyone still awake.

Everybody knew he beat the schoolboys who did poorly in his classes, or bullied the ones that looked different or dressed oddly. Who did not know the man? For he was a menace.

But not much could be done- the authorities did not bother to do anything, at least. Wayde did whatever he pleased.

"There is nothing that can be relieved, it was her daughter i brought with me." he recalled.

"You could shock her with an apology." Ali spoke boldly to his master, only to be shut down once more.

"Why so up my arse, lately? None of my business should concern a pest such as you."

Wayde ended the conversation by shoving Ali back into his pocket, and zipping the pocket all the way up.

"There," Wayde snickered, a smirk to his face "I hope you suffocate."

He proceeded to walk back home. It had all still been oddly silent, but no longer bothersome to the grumpy man. If anything- the silence was making him feel better.

More time to think about nothing in particular. Looking out at the dark road ahead- with not much more to go- the feeling of relief overcame him.

Nothing was better than to get inside and bundle up with a cup of tea and dinner.

Though, just as Wayde pulled out his keys and walked up the stairs to his door- there was a loud noise in the alleyway next to his home. It was a crash, then a voice.

Whoever it was groaned in pain- at least, that's how it sounded. The voice was strange, and new. Not a neighbors loud obnoxious one- or one that fit to a child.

No, this was monotone, and getting into his mind, telling him to come closer.

Another groan from the voice made Wayde shiver. But he felt his legs walking towards whoever it was- whatever it was.

"Hello?" He called out, poking his head around the corner of his building. "I'm not here to harm you." Of course, that was a lie. But what else could be said?

Creeping through the alleyway- things seemed fine. Till a tall, dark figure started bounding towards him, of course.

This was no human- the figure was much too skinny and had eight, long, spider like legs to help him go faster.

Wayde reached into his shirt, where there was a secretive pocket, and pulled from that a pistol. Wildly, he fired at the figure- but it was no use.

The creature was not taking it-like some atrocious immunity to the bullets force.

The dark figure screeched, getting too close for comfort. Wayde was quick to hop out of the way, and unzip his pocket.

Out flew Ali- who might be a bit lightheaded, but, still useful in such a situation.

"Ali, strike the bastard creature down!" Wayde ordered. Ali got up, barely able to stand straight, pointing a wand towards the monster.

In one swift flick of the wrist, a bolt of dark energy shot ahead at the monster, striking him down. It fell backwards, hissing in its pain.

A shot through the head was a finishing blow- and the creature turned to dust.

Grabbing hold of the fairy boy, Wayde ran to his door, and inside his house- making sure to lock up tightly for the night. Not a word was said for a moment.

What had either of them just seen? Nothing like it had ever been reported in the town. Vixenburg was so closed off- it was hard to believe anything got in or out after dark.

Wayde walked over to his couch, sitting carefully- eyes darting around the room.

"Ali," he began, trying to mask the shakiness of his voice "what was that?"

Ali, however, had no way to hide it. Just looking up at his master- eyes wide, breath still going wild. There was no response from the boy. So Wayde just nodded.

"Ok." he said calmly. "Let us hope...an encounter such as that never happens again."

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