The Sadist
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taka_1898escape reality and govern fantasy.
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A man born of evil yet conditioned to love morals.

The Sadist

A young man with no dream, emanating with hoaxes of light,

Carrying his jar of fallacies, saturated with sensitive tendencies.

He becomes mused with his laughing thought of civilised insanity,

The light that was born cheerful and brewing with a glimmering shine of liquid light,

Corrupted by shavings of darkness scraping the luminous brilliance with blood red blights ,

He laughs.

Darkness was a blessing" as the broken boy alters his kindness to sadism

How one's ethos clouded with a canvas of innocence, Peacefully welcomes a deluge of Lightning soiling the fruition of painted desires.

The "help" had arrived for the boy to turn into a man.

The alluring light provided it's path to him,

the shine of its burning perfection into the gaping void, releasing the flow of lava that corrupts his mind,

A lust for sadism succeeded with a smiling obsession, turning his own purity into an art of dissension.

Full of all his regrets,

His desires.

His aspirations.

He smiles.

The corruption performed a beauty of distortion,

With the slight taste of a dark night becoming his potion.

Darkness became a path,

And light becomes the goal.

He steps in darkness,

Yet aims for light?

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