"What's On The Radio, Dear?"
"What's On The Radio, Dear?" robot stories
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taiga 18. London. Just trying to get by.
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"What's On The Radio, Dear?"

by taiga

The radio in my head is always connected. Beyond my control it speaks various emotions. When the batteries are full, a sweet, familiar tune waltzes through.

When the batteries are half drained, a slight muffle of music tiptoes around. However, there is a channel that has caught the radio's signal too frequently.

Strained, unfamiliar white noise, eats at the batteries. This dancing melody is not soft, nor shall it be close to a melody. It kicks and stomps all over

Beyond my control, This has become the only channel The only emotion these days

But the question here is not how to change the channel back, but what will become of the radio if the unfamiliar becomes the familiar.

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