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taiga18. London. Just trying to get by.
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trʌst noun 1. firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability by taiga

But is 'trust' such a binary concept? To be defined so easily in one sentence.. it doesn't even scrape the top of the surface of what 'trust' is. Can trust be limited to only other people?

'Trust' itself is similar to your home.

It has been built, whether the foundation was already established, or if you built it yourself from the ground up. Nevertheless, it is something built with, or without your acknowledgement.


You're free to decorate the inside of your home to your heart's content. Many of us only open our homes to others once we're satisfied with the inside of our home.

But, how do you use your home?

Do you lend your home to others? Host events or house parties? How far do you allow people to see into your home? Just the living room? Or is it a place exclusively for you, and you only?

Whether you're as open as an IKEA house set up, or as reserved as The Pentagon/ Whether you let people in, or leave them on the front step- There's no right or wrong way on how to use your home.

Who do you trust the most? Is it your family? your friends?

Or maybe even your idols? But if you don't trust yourself, then how can you trust other people? You need to learn how to let yourself inside the house first, before allowing others in.

And just like a house, the most important part is the foundation. Without the structure, everything will fall apart. Self love, and trusting yourself first, is what moulds the home- your home.


even when things start to break and fall apart on the inside of the house- everything will be alright; the house will not perish. Because you learnt how to create a foundation for yourself first.

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