taiga17. London. Just trying to get by.
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- Taiga

Have you ever felt so lost The feeling similar to being on a small boat, engulfed by fog. On rare occasions the fog clears up, and you’re able to enjoy the view. Take it all in.

But, on most days, the view wears a thick coat Masking everything under a slightly opaque blanket. You can no longer see the view You’re left alone with yourself for a while.

This is when you get to know yourself And I mean, truly, know yourself. It’s nice for a while Being able to bask in your own company, fish into your mind.

But the deeper down you fish, And the farther your hook goes The further away you are from the view. The fog rarely dissipates anymore

It becomes a familiar feeling after some time. This becomes your comfort, your own view. You remember what lighthouses look like But you don’t remember the way

You’ve been on the tides for so long, You convince yourself this is home You accept the reality you think you deserve You accept the tides you think you deserve.

And suddenly it’s not so bad anymore, It’s home. It’s your view again. And the fog clears. The thick coat slides off.

But it’s not home. It’s the view you think you deserve.

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HousecatBronze CommaA small kitten in a big world
a year agoReply
The pieces of this poem were uniform, purposeful, and tied together to a common theme. To ultimately be lovely.

dracoBronze Commawelcome to my profile
a year agoReply
this is amazing and beautiful and the images you worked with are so great

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
At first, I hadn't the foggiest notion. I was lost at sea on the ocean. I was lost in the brume. As dark as a tomb. Then I was struck by you deep emotion. The poem you wrote is deeply symbolic. I think that you might have a lot of company out there in the fog. I loved the way you brought it all home with satisfaction through self-realization.