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by tahadungerwala

"ARMS " Used to make me feel safe , Until they started to choke me To death.

"GANGSTER " Ride or Die was his motto , Cause once she rode him , Every night he's dying .

"MOTORBIKES" Motorbikes , cigarettes Player ways Another way to deal with pain

" MIDNIGHT DRIVING" He should be sleeping, dreaming about you , Yet he's riding his bike in the middle of the night thinking all they could be .

"NIGHT" Millions are sleeping , While Thousands are awake , With unrequited feelings in their heart , And unanswered questions in their mind .

" YOU WON " I rest my case, Not because I don't have an argument , But because I want you to win

"PAST" The past was long ago , Future being far away , Yet I'm stuck in present

"TRUST" " I trust you " she said He smiled and stepped back with a single tear in his eye "I trusted you too " he replied

"BROKE" He screamed in agony , As the mirror broke into Pieces just like his heart

"FRIENDS" Waiting wasn't an option , For lovers couldn't be friends, So he asked her to leave .

"TIARA" He was willing to dress her in a crown , But she was too insecure of losing her tiara

"YOU LET ME GO" You held my hand and I was yours , I tightened my grip and you let me go .

"WORDS" Were supposed to heal me , But only increased my pain.

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tahadungerwalaI'm an author , insta id:- @tahadunger
6 months ago

tahadungerwalaI'm an author , insta id:- @tahadunger
6 months ago

7 months ago
I Wish You Knew

tahadungerwalaI'm an author , insta id:- @tahadunger
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@bernardtwindwil thank you , glad <3

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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This was impressive. It was beautifully written. Your words described a compelling mood. Great poem!!!!