My vampire boyfriend [Kim namjoon oneshot #1]
My vampire boyfriend [Kim namjoon oneshot #1] namjoon stories

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My vampire boyfriend [Kim namjoon oneshot #1]

you were watching tv until you heard a thud. you jump at the sudden noise you turned to see your boyfriend of 2 years staring into your eyes. he went closer and gazed into your neck. Nam-Namjoon? you stuttered backing away. he stopped staring and hugged you and laid on your chest. im sorry he mumbled into your chest.

You hugged him back and you were scared he never stared that way towards you. it's okay you said bringing him to you and his bedroom. you got pushed onto the bed and got covered while Namjoon cuddled you. you giggle and cuddled him back then you both fell deep slumber when 2:00 in the morning you felt like you had to wake up.

you open your eyes to see Namjoon about to bite your neck. You screamed pushing him away he completely felt terrified and flew out the window leaving you shocked and leaving you wondering what he was thinking. you had the feeling to go to the club with friends you dressed in a silver dress with red heels.

you had a few drinks and your friends when you got tired you grabbed your silver glittery purse and left. your heels clicked against the side walk when you heard Namjoon coughing you walk over to see a gun shot in his stomach coughing out blood. TBC SEE YA TAEKOOKIES STAY SAFE!!!!

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