What Was Mine
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tabnash24I try.
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Self sacrifice for your beloved's happiness is understood better by a flower who loves it's gardener dearly.

[Just got inspired while passing by a florist, hope you'll like it.]

What Was Mine

by tabnash24

Like the roses, I grew.

Flourished your garden with glow.

You smile at them like an inamorato,

who loved them no matter what they do.

Just then you met a lady,

who glew like Abby.

You couldn't help

but fell for her like a baby.

Got ready on your foot,

steady as you could.

Before leaving you posit

that something needs to be added.

Then your eyes laid on me

where I wanted to flee.

Couldn't help but agree,

as you gift me to her according to the decree.

Happy as I was

to see you smile.

As the lady took away

'what was mine!'

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