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tabnash24You'll know me as you read ;)
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I believe everyone's a teacher at some point of their lives, even the person who told you about the deity you look up to.
Therefore, let me have an opportunity to wish a very HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all of you out there.
Keep preaching and helping! ;)


by tabnash24

Teachers are those whom we look upon,

right when our problems look too difficult to be solved.

They're the ones who teaches us what's right when wrong,

though sometimes in the process may chide us for a fault.

They're the ones whom we detest for a moment when they exhort,

yet recall and remember for exactly what they once taught.

But they're the only ones who stands above all, including God.

For they're the very people who taught us that name whom now we all applaud.

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