Some Derelict Spirit
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tabnash24I try.
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Sometimes we need to accept some rejections and learn to move on instead of pressing the person we liked. :)

Some Derelict Spirit

by tabnash24

Recall something what made you adore,

that very person whom you once thought was in galore.

Think about the time when you were still humble

to the one whom you once wanted to fondle.

Evoke your spirits to that time,

where you just wanted to cherish and call her "mine".

After that look at your state now,

think about how your tenacity scares her.

Imagine how she's able to sleep at night anyhow,

for thoughts of you now haunts her.

Now the choice is yours,

press or drop the idea of having any contact.

For you caused a loss,

by keeping your thoughts about her intact.

Better it'll be if you give up on that lost viscid,

think about it all once for a bit.

Move on like a man with your face rigid,

and let her see that she made somebody strong instead of 'some derelict spirit' .

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