Near Your Street
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tabnash24 You'll know me as you read ;)
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Can't we have a look at those children and give them a chance? :)

Near Your Street

by tabnash24

You have those same hands,

which hang too from my shoulders.

You lay them to get hold of your phone,

but did you even know there's only few pennies that I own?

You've got the same feet,

which lies underneath.

Though with those you dance on the music of a disc

while I tap them when a car passes by with a beat.

You've got the same air that I breathe,

but I still don't know why my hair's not neat.

You've got great food to eat,

which consists of even meat.

But did you know I'm here starving under this heat?

You might not know about what I go through,

well why should you even bother?

After all I'm just a kid,

who lives and daydreams 'near your street.'

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