Let's Make A Difference
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tabnash24I try.
Autoplay OFF  •  2 years ago
Aren't you reading on commaful for awhile now by hitting a thumbs up and complimenting people around? Though did you give a thought about showing off your yellow teeth to the screen? 😂
No? 😱😱😱
Then do it! I'm waiting.
If you don't then you'll be punished. Just kidding! xD

Anyway enough of blabbing but hey,please take a moment and smile. 😁😄

Let's Make A Difference

by tabnash24

Let me tell you about a little story.

It's about a face which is often pretty gloomy.

Portrays all the emotions including a 'wow',

yet lacks an important thing somehow.

How about making a difference to that while we still have the time?

Ever wondered how can your day change with just a simple smile?

Well close your eyes after reading this and think for sometime,

then show me how my rhyme affected you this time. ;)

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