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tabnash24You'll know me as you read ;)
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Here, I have a Cowboy poetry for you about a Cowboy poet.

Hope you liked it. ;)

Georgie Sicking

by tabnash24

Saw the world in the mid summer air of May,

in a country, popularly known as the USA.

At the second year of my age, was taught how to ride,

and soon was introduced to a horse called Buster to stride.

Life was fun in that ranch at Knight Greek,

but soon it's whip was about to make me freak.

Parent's relation broke apart,

and it was time for my education to depart.

While some siblings, with ease got married,

I was there waiting to do something that got me so worried.

Problem was not with me,

but with the decree.

I didn't get why it won't let women be free,

so I decided to defy it's terms to disagree.

Soon broke those rules

and won against those fools.

However, now it was time for my marriage,

where I reared three children in that man's carriage.

Life had again took another turn,

making my hands start to run.

Eventually by letting that passion get firm,

I had a cowboy poetry's battle won.

Sadly, my age must have been five less than a hundred,

but I left some changes that are still unfolded.

Now let me reveal a mystery at the end of this rhyme

where I'll simply tell you something while I have the time.

Recall in that crowd of some good old folks singing,

"Yee-haw!", will be one of the famous cries ringing.

Once when you'll find a cowgirl among those males sitting,

then I'll wink at you and will introduce with my name as -


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