Tuck You Away In A Cute Little Box
Tuck You Away In A Cute Little Box poem stories

synthaspide A free bird in this cruel world.
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I want to hide from from this cruel world ❤️🗺️

Tuck You Away In A Cute Little Box

by SynthaSpide

I want to tuck you away in a cute little box

To be hidden from this cruel world, full of empty eyes

Watching you, trying to get a piece of you

By making up more and more lies

I'd lock and throw it into the deepest ocean

Safe from the reach of greedy fishermen

Where the darkness shall forever protect it

Along with all of its glorious children

The terrible beasts and monstrosities

That are every sailor's biggest fear

Shall shield you from sick and poisonous touches

By drowning all who dare come near.

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