The Dinner
The Dinner intelligent-change stories

synthaspide A free bird in this cruel world.
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Five very interesting beings are being grateful every year...This could have been a longer story I just couldn't fit it in the 250 words rule. Enjoy!

The Dinner

by SynthaSpide

The same place, the same time.

Dinner was served, yet only three of the guests have arrived so far:

Cupid, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny.

The first two were sitting in silence, while Bunny was sniffing the food.

- Can it be? - he muttered under his brown moustache.

- What is bothering you, dearie? - asked Fairy in a dreamy, sweet voice.

- I can't believe this year they didn't serve rabbit meat - laughed Bunny.

That's when they heard quick footsteps and a few seconds later a tall, black hooded figure entered the room and said in a deep voice:

- Sorry I'm late. I had an unforeseen business to attend to.

- It's alright, Grim. Santa is late too - smiled the chubby Cupid.

- I know. He told me he won't make it this year so we should start without him. What can I say? So many kids, so little time...

All four of them giggled, raised their glasses high, and said at the same time:

- We, the Eternal Beings, are grateful for another bountiful year on this planet full of joy, sorrow, life and death!

They drank, and just as they began to feast, Tooth Fairy's necklace started flickering.

- Oh, dear. Somebody lost a tooth. Isn't that precious? - said Fairy before clapping her hands and disappearing into the night.

- I can't remember the last time we had dinner without an incident - commented Cupid jokingly.

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