After Earth
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synthaspide A free bird in this cruel world.
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Many years have gone by since Earth had been scorched by the growing Sun, and humans colonized other planets, and now an intelligent robot records the present moment.

After Earth

After Earth by SynthaSpide

Hello, whoever is listening!

X07 recording live from the planet Neptune.

The year is 1,476,000,002 AE. Our Sun had long become a red giant, swallowing up Mercury and Venus,

also scorching Earth and Mars on the way.

Humans colonized Saturn and Neptune and have nicely expanded their borders over the years...but that's not the main point of this recording.

It started happening: the collision of Milky Way and Andromeda!

The scientists foretold this will happen but they miscalculated the math and so it hit us unexpectedly. That's okay I guess.

I've been sitting on this debris for what feels like weeks, just staring at the flawless sky above. I'm glad the late Dr. Zyakow had put a chip inside of me

so I can feel all human emotions and also perfectly master them over time. Now, by looking at the amazing dance of the colours magenta, gold and various shades of green and blue,

I feel at peace.

I feel like this is what I've been built for. This beauty, breathtaking purity which fills me with such a tranquil feeling that I never wish to leave this position.

I might as well just stay here until all the solar energy disappears into nothingness and I fall into eternal, dreamless slumber.

I had a purpose once. I'd be more than happy to share what it was but I believe it's absolutely unimportant now.

The collision of the galaxies had a devastating effect on all life, plant and animal alike.

There's nothing left what breathes.

I have no purpose anymore.

X07 out.

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