Why Run Away?
Why Run Away? vacation stories
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Why Run Away?

by sydneyehukai

The burden of reality,

may be the heaviest load of all. I've climbed the tallest mountain only to fall down the other side. Nudged by my reality's pride.

For your world is so easily molded by the hands of your ego.

Each action motivated by the greed of needing to plant your seed in the ground. To be sure this world doesn't spin 'round without everyone knowing you're on it.

Yet, we'd all like to think of ourselves fondly.

Telling ourselves the world needs more green, so I must plant my seed. The tree that will grow is not for me. No, but for the good of those that will breathe it's fresh air.

There is where our little lie lives.

That our lives give this world life. Though quite the opposite is true. Without me, without you, this place would still be real. The truth lies in the way this place makes us feel.

With each breath we can find our bliss.

What reprieve from reality is needed if we find a way to give reality what it gives to us. Trust. It will give us the good along with the bad. Be glad even to exist at all.

Stop falling for your own tricks.

You can be as quick to build yourself up as you have been at knocking yourself down. It sounds rather silly, but if you're willing, you can let go and let the world live for you.

It's magic can become yours.

Each tragic moment can open doors to spectacular new places. All it takes is letting your fear go. Knowing that you don't need a vacation, you need a new foundation, and the world will build it.

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