Pick Your Poison: Part Two
Pick Your Poison: Part Two poem stories
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sydneybrownlet's go on a trip down memory lane.
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Pick Your Poison: Part Two

by sydneybrown

I remember depression now.

Because every word out of my lips Rings in my ears, And somehow resonates With my heart.

Reminding me that hey!

You are bruised, bleeding, Cracking to pieces.

My feet drag again.

The stumbling of the drunk mourner, No longer the steady beat of the dissociative body.

I blast music to make my ears bleed.

On the chance that the bass Will cover up the pounding Of my heart pumping you Through my veins.

I let you into my body during the apathy.

Hoping you would breathe life back into me. Instead, you brought back the lust for death.

I thought you were better than apathy,

But you turned out to be sorrow in disguise.

And if I had to pick my poison,

Apathy is my poison of choice.

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