My Letter To Her
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sydneybrownlet's go on a trip down memory lane.
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My Letter To Her

by sydneybrown

Do you ever think about us?

7th grade? 8th grade?

I definitely think about you.

Your skin, your smell, your makeup, your bed, your mirror, your house, your eyes, your hair, your lips, your freckles, your baby sister, everything.

I wish you thought about me.

My skin, my smell, my makeup, my bed, my mirror, my house, my eyes, my hair, my lips, my freckles, my older sister, everything.

I know you don't.

And that's okay.

But before we never see each other again,

and I know we won't, I need to say this.

I love you, always have, always will.

I hope you loved me too.

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