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sydneybrown let's go on a trip down memory lane.
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Do you remember?

Do you remember our talks of God, of doubt and belief (the belief being mostly yours)?

You have no idea how much that conversation meant to me.

You scared me with your faith.

Faith, the thing I never had an ounce of that you were overflowing with.

You believed so fervently in what you thought was good, true, right.

You believed in God, and more importantly, me.

Now I have no reference to know whether or not what you said that night is correct or not.

But I truly hope it is because that has made all the difference to me.

"If the rapture happens in our lifetime, and you are left behind,

I will personally request to be your guardian angel.

I will watch over you those 7 years and make sure nothing bad comes to you.

Because I know that will be enough to convince you."

I told you that I didn't think you'd have a choice to do that if it did happen.

"I have a feeling God loves you enough to let the one you loved the most look after you."

You always told me you'd never forget me, and that you'd always care.

You won't even look me in the eyes anymore.

You forgot.

You promised you wouldn't.

It's the most cliche storyline in my life.

But I always find the cliche love stories to be my favorite.

You are still the one I love the most.

And I hope you look at forget-me-nots and remember me.

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