For Persephone
For Persephone greek stories

sydneybrown let's go on a trip down memory lane.
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For Persephone

by sydneybrown

The little girl who ran in the meadow

And danced in time with the grass All while the crown of life nestled in her hair Could never have guessed

How when she came of age

A man would come along and take her away For he was greedy and pathetic Longing for she whom he couldn't obtain

How she would be separated From her flowers

From her sweet smelling friends Who told her secrets and of new things to come And the soft, velvet earth That gave way under her feet So she would not stumble

How he stole her and placed her

In his deep world in which death was all And all was dead With herds of black souls lost eternal Where the golden light never broke through The heavy haze surrounding the place

How once she awoke

She would reach for her crown of flowers Only to find wilted petals drained of blood And feeling her friends turned to mere dust Would curse his name forevermore

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