Foolish girl
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sydneybrownlet's go on a trip down memory lane.
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Foolish girl

by sydneybrown

I have dead flowers.

They're in my room, Not more than five feet from my bed.

I never could throw out

Things that were once stunningly perfect. I can just remember those moments.

Those flowers, The childlike daisies,

I picked those on the day I vowed to turn it around, But they're gone now, Along with that suffocating delusion.

The fanciful roses?

I got those the day I won a trophy. I'm not even sure why I won.

That day I let my mind Stich together

Unattainable dreams. Dreams of art, of grace. Irresponsible. Frivolous. They're long gone now.

Yet still these flowers sit.

Decaying. Unraveling.

But I still keep them

Just in case, one day, I'll wake up, And they'll be alive again, And maybe I'll be alive again.


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