Without Chess, I'd Still Be Shy And Unconfident
Without Chess, I'd Still Be Shy And Unconfident stories

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Without Chess, I'd Still Be Shy And Unconfident

I was an extremely shy kid growing up....chess changed that

Growing up, I had confidence issues. I was also extremely shy. If I saw an adult I knew, I'd often run the other way. If I didn't know you, I probably wouldn't want to get to know you

I learned how to play chess in middle school on a rainy day

Little did I know the next 5 years of my life would go into chess

Initially, I was scared of losing

You should HATE losing. Not FEAR losing. Fear led me to draw winning positions and make mistakes in winning ones. Two friends changed that.

2 guys named Andrew showed me how to be confident

We would play. They would trash talk. They would make me trash talk back. Yes. CHESS TRASH TALK. Eventually, I started to believe what I was saying.

Over a few months, I learned to play confidently

I'd smash out moves with confidence (I mean who talks trash and plays uncertain and weak moves?)

I soon became part of a community

I went from being shy to being active in the community. I joined an internet chess club (ICC) and made many new friends and learned from many mentors.

I became comfortable talking to anybody who played chess

I also became confident in my chess abilities. It led to a huge improvement in my game. And also a group of friends I'll never forget

That soon translated into other areas of my life

I was no longer scared of people. I no longer feared losing. In chess, nor in life. Without chess I would not be building Comma today.

An Open Challenge: Comment if you want to play me!

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